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!!!%%(color:#990000;) BPEL Service Engine Wiki Home Page%%
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|[{Image src='BPEL_App_Dev.gif' link=''}]|[{Image src='BPEL_Eng_Dev.gif' link=''}]
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!!!%%(color:#cc0000;)BPEL Service Engine%%
!! %%(color:#ff6600;)BPEL Application Developer%%
!! %%(color:#990000;)Related Projects Home Pages%%
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* __[BPEL Service Engine User's Guide|]__
* __[How-Tos|]__ (tips and guidelines for commonly used functionality)
* __[Engine Configurations | Configurable Engine]__
* Downloads (DesignTime and Runtime): Get from this link [link | ]
* [Open ESB Project |]
* [Open JBI Components Project |]
* [Glassfish |]
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!! %%(color:#ff6600;)BPEL Engine Developer%%
!! %%(color:#990000;)Forum%%
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[Open ESB Forum |]
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* __[BPEL 2.0 Compliance|]__
* __Engine Design__
** [BPELSE architecture overview| Service Engine Architecture1.sxi]
** [Asynchronous thread modeling|]
** [Correlation]
** [Dynamic Partner Links]
** [forEach |], [forEachClassDiagram|]
** [Faut/Compensation/Termination Handlers, Exit and Rethrow| Handlers.odt]
** [Event Handling|]
** [Virtual Assign|]
** [XPath function support|]__
** [WS-BPEL extensions - Namespaces & Prefixes|]__
** [Start Up Sequence]
** [Engine Model and Runtime Refactoring|]
* __[Optimal Persistence & Recovery|]__
**[Multiple DB support]
* __[BPEL Debugger|]__
* __[Transaction & Reliability|]__
* __[Clustering Support]__
** Failover Support
** Correlation Support in Cluster (Passivation & Activation)
* __[Scalability Support]__
* __[BPEL Event Dispatching and Listener Framework |]__
* __[Key Performance Indicators (KPI)]__
* __[BPEL Monitoring and Management |]__
** __[Extended Management Actions]
* __[BP-Visualizer (Composite Application Manager BPEL Plug-in)|]__
*__[ME processing and property propagation|]__
* __Systemic Qualities__
**__[Serial Order Processing|]__
**__[Error Handling|]__
* __[Known Issues]__
!!Coding samples, styles, standards to be used in BPEL-SE
[Using XmlResourceProvider to get DocumentBuilder and Transformer|BPELSE-Coding]
!!Coding samples, styles, standards to be used across components
[Document.createElement() or Document.createElementNS()|CreateElement]
!!![Testing|BPELSE testing]
!![Benchmark setup and testing on Agnes, Ackerman, miles setup]
*[Implementing multiple operations from a portType (that is, “splitting” up an implementation of a portType) across different bpel files|]
*[BPEL specification & related|BPELSpecRelated.html]
*Q/A in spec
***[Specification review for implementation|]
**accessing shared variables[accessing shared variables|]
**Adding a bpel feature [forEach as an example|]
**multiple IMA (same partner operation) support. We don't support this today. Correlation is the issue with this. Consider,
..<some bpel>.. Receive (cSet1 init=yes, cSet2 init=no) ..<some bpel> Receive (cSet3 init=yes, cSet2 init=no) ..<some bpel>..
In general we can say that it is the same message that comes to IMAs that are of same type, this example is to suggest that isin't the case.
Engine can't blindly route the message to first receive or second receive. What if the message has optional data structure to it, and cSet1 and cSet3 depended on mutually exclusive optional message information. For instance if the message came with the optional data that is used to construct "cSet3", but engine routes it to the first receive, we may not be able to construct "cSet1" and that will result in a standard fault to be thrown. Had the engine somehow figured this and abstained from routing it to first receive, we would not have an issue.
I am documenting it here so that we attempt to solve this when we implement multiple receives.
*[BPEL Engine Monitoring]
!![Issues & TODOs| Issues & TODOs]
!!! Relevant
!! [BPEL blue prints|]
!! BPEL interaction Scenarios with other components.
* [BPEL-JavaEE(EJB) interaction|]
!! Engine States
[{Image src='' align='left' }]
[Engine States Enlargement]
!! Engine Thread Model
[{Image src='' align='left' }]
[Engine Thread Model Enlargement]
!! Engine Message Exchange Flow
[{Image src='' align='left' }]
[Message Exchange Flow Enlargement]
!! Asynchronous Thread Modeling
*TODO - need to post this image
!! %%(color:#990000;)Contact%%
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Back to [Subprojects|Subprojects]
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