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!!! Working With the File Binding Component
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* [Tutorial Requirements|TutorialNecessities]
* [Configuring the Tutorial Environment|ConfiguringTutorialEnvironment]
* [Creating a BPEL Module Project|CreatingBPELModuleProject]
* [Creating a Composite Application Project|CreatingCompositeApplicationProject]
* __Building and Deploying the Composite Application Project__
** To Build and Deploy the Composite Application
* [Testing the Composite Application|TestingCompositeApplication]
* [Summary|WorkingWithFileBCSummary]
!!Building and Deploying the Composite Application Project
Building a project compiles the BPEL source file and packages the BPEL file and web service artifacts, including WSDL.
Deploying the project compiles the files in the Composite Application project, packages the compiled BPEL and related web service artifacts (including WSDL) into an archive, and deploys them to the Application Server.
!To Build and Deploy the Composite Application
# In the Projects window, right-click the {{PollWriteCompApp}} project's node, and choose {{Build}} from the pop-up menu. \\
When the build is complete the Output window reports{{ BUILD SUCCESSFUL}}.
# Right-click the {{PollWriteCompApp}} node, and choose {{Clean and Build}} from the pop-up menu.\\
The design view displays the build of the project.[{Image src='filebc21.gif' width='547' height='436' alt='Build of the Project' align='left|center|right' }]
# Right-click the {{PollWriteCompApp}} node, and choose {{ Deploy}} from the pop-up menu.\\
Deployment has succeeded when you see a {{BUILD SUCCESSFUL}} message in the GlassFish tab of the Output window.
# Open the Services window and expand {{Servers}} → {{GlassFish V2}} → {{JBI}} → {{Service Assemblies}} to see your new deployed Service Assembly.\\
If you do not see the deployed project, right-click the Service Assemblies node and choose {{Refresh}}.
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