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At line 83 removed 4 lines.
*[add-eip | FujiAddEip] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[update-eip | FujiUpdateEip] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[remove-eip | FujiRemoveEip] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[list-eip | FujiListEip] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
At line 88 removed 1 line.
*[show-eip | FujiShowEip] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
At line 85 added 8 lines.
*[add-eip-configuration| FujiAddEipConfiguration] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[update-eip-configuration | FujiUpdateEipConfiguration] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[remove-eip-configuration | FujiRemoveEipConfiguration] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[list-eip-configurations | FujiListEipConfiguration] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[show-eip-configuration | FujiShowEipConfiguration] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%
*[list-eips | FujiListEip] %%(color:maroon;)''(*)''%%

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