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The purpose of the aggregate pattern is to take a set of one or more input messages and create a single output message.
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!! Use Cases
Aggregate can be used to satisfy a wide range of use cases depending on the message type and message flow requirements. The following use cases represent the most common categories for using aggregate.
! Reassembly
Take a set of related messages and cram them into a single message. Most commonly used in conjunction with split and broadcast, where the number of messages in the input set is known.
! Batching
Hold a bunch of messages and release them as a single batch message. The determination of when to release the batch message can be based on a time window, number of messages, size of messages, etc.
! Enveloping
A refinement of batching, an enveloping aggregate can be used to create a group of messages with common characteristics (same type, same destination, same source, etc.). These messages are wrapped in one or more envelopes before they are forwarded as a single message.
! Gating
An aggregate which can be used to make sure that messages from different flows are held until all messages arrive at the aggregate.
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