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* Download and install GlassFish from [here|].
* Download and install GlassFish Build 61 from [here|].
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!! Issue 1870 -
!! 1. Issue 1870 - CLI commands
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!! 2. Issue 2111 - Issue Java EE SE integration
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Design and implementation of how to handle Java EE services in V3. Current support is documented in this wiki in section JavaEEServiceEngine.
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!! 3. Errors in latest GlassFish builds during component start-up
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This does not have a corresponding issue. There are some errors at Fuji framework start-up while trying to update logger configuration. While this is not specific to the container and should be seen in FujiGlassFish distribution also, this needs to be investigated. Mismatch in Felix version or API changes could be a potential cause.
[#|2009-10-18T21:30:56.956-0700|SEVERE|glassfish|null|_ThreadID=28;_ThreadName=Thread-3;|*ERROR* [, id=33, bundle=211]: Unexpected problem updating Configuration PID=fuji-configuration.component-logger.sun-file-binding, factoryPID=null, bundleLocation=/Users/annies/b66/glassfishv3/glassfish/modules/autostart/jbi-framework.jar|#]
[#|2009-10-18T21:30:56.956-0700|SEVERE|glassfish|null|_ThreadID=28;_ThreadName=Thread-3;|java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to java.util.Vector|#]
[#|2009-10-18T21:30:56.956-0700|SEVERE|glassfish|null|_ThreadID=28;_ThreadName=Thread-3;| at com.sun.jbi.logging.LoggerConfigurationService.updated(|#]
[#|2009-10-18T21:30:56.957-0700|SEVERE|glassfish|null|_ThreadID=28;_ThreadName=Thread-3;| at$|#]
[#|2009-10-18T21:30:56.957-0700|SEVERE|glassfish|null|_ThreadID=28;_ThreadName=Thread-3;| at|#]
!! 4. Streamline the packaging
Fuji container's source is in FUJI-ROOT/core/glassfish and the packaging code is in FUJI-ROOT/packaging/release-packages/fuji-gf-container. At some point the packaging has to be modified to include CLI extensions also.
Another packaging module has to be added to repackage the container as an IPS package. After that is made available, the primary way to install Fuji over GlassFish should be installing glassfish and getting the container from the update center. This would mean periodic updating of the container image in the update center repository and establishing a verification test setup before doing the same.
After the above mentioned steps have been accomplished, FujiGlassFish distribution should be phased out. It was put together as a stop-gap measure and the idea of overwriting GlassFish's with our own version would not scale. For the production/final release there may be another installer needed that could simulate the steps of a plain GlassFish install followed by obtaining and installing the container from the update center.
!! 5. Issue 970
This is the top level issue for V3 integration and for developer release should be resolved when the above mentioned issues and the issues in the In-Progress section are resolved. There may be needs to add some additional items to this to make the work complete for production release. These items may be related to configuration and monitoring and not enough details are available now. Some requirements are in this wiki at the Requirements table.
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The following issues are in progress.
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! Issue 2112:
!! 1. Issue 2112:
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* ModuleDeploymentContexts:
! ModuleDeploymentContexts:
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As a hack for this, we have the following line in FujiCompositeDeployer.
As a fix for this, we have the following hack in FujiCompositeDeployer.
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! Issue 1839:
And the ExtendedDeploymentContext has to be retrieved from FujiCompositeDeployer instead of creating a new one.
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Index: container/src/main/java/com/sun/jbi/glassfish/container/composite/
--- container/src/main/java/com/sun/jbi/glassfish/container/composite/ (revision 1119)
+++ container/src/main/java/com/sun/jbi/glassfish/container/composite/ (working copy)
@@ -360,6 +360,7 @@
ExtendedDeploymentContext moduleContext = ((ExtendedDeploymentContext)context).getModuleDeploymentContexts().get(moduleUri);
if (moduleContext != null) {
//This is where I return the existing deployment context and not create a new one
return moduleContext;
! Sample applications for testing.
"Add any Netbeans Ear project with JAX-WS WS to Composite Application project and use. Also if you have Java CAPS installed you can even add Deployment Profile to Composite Application project. Second variety is actually called "JBI Bridge". Mark White and Girish Patil have some sample applications for testing.
!! 2. Issue 1839:
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All blocking issues have been resolved. The container services are discovered at start-up after the changes to the layout as done in fix for [issue 2350|]. This makes the job of packaging the container simple.
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There are some details about how to handle the packaging, in this thread -

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