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!!!%%(color:red)__NOTE: This page is under construction until the release of Milestone 9__%%
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* Download the [Milestone 9 Eclipse plugins |]
* Download the [Milestone 6 Eclipse plugins |] (%%(color:blue)__Note:__ This is the latest version.%%)
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* Code completion enhancements - see [here|]
* New support for service grouping - see [here|]
* New support for "calls" keyword - see [here|]
* Enhanced route syntax to support operation within a service - see [here|]
* New support for namespace qualification of service names
* Tee syntax change, moves configuration properties to follow the "tee" keyword instead of the "to" specification - see [here|]
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*** Syntax simplification - see [here|]
*** New "match" option - allows selection of triggering on first, last, or a unique match. For further information, see [here|FujiEIPCBR]
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! Service configuration usability (separate basic from advanced)
! Service configuration improvements
* The infrastructure is now in place to simplify service configuration.
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* A new infrastructure for dynamically adding support for new service types is now in place. All existing service types have been migrated to this new architecture, and the Web UI and NetBeans IDE support it.
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* Support for dynamic creation of aspects from properties defined in any bundle, using properties defined in the META-INF/aspects/ or META-INF/aspects/[aspect-type] folder
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** Support for pluggable service descriptors
** First phase of round-tripping support. The IFL field in the web tooling is now editable. The edit results are merged into the message flow.
** Various bug fixes
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** Support for pluggable service descriptors
** New GUI to view/edit the configuration properties of a service
** Added editor support for new IFL constructs:
*** service grouping
*** "calls" keyword
*** operation name on service specification
*** new "tee" syntax for configuration properties
** Added support for generating service artifacts after service configuration changes
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*** __BPEL__ (sun-bpel-engine) %%(color:green)__NEW!__ Added to distributions, but no UI support yet%%
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*** __LDAP__ (sun-ldap-binding) %%(color:green)__NEW!__ Added to distributions, but no UI support yet%%

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