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<div name="comp" class="comp3">
<font class="compname"><a href="BPELSE.html" class="compname">HL7 Processor Demonstration</a></font>
<font class="compdescr">This Note walks the reader through development of a Java CAPS 6/JBI-based /
OpenESB-based solution that addresses a Healthcare-related business problem. </font>
<div class="xcompitems">
<font class="compitem1">License:</font> <font class="compitem2">CDDL; </font>
<font class="compitem1">State:</font> <font class="compitem2">Released (GlassFish ESB); </font>
<font class="compitem1" style="display:none">Contributor:</font> <font class="compitem2" style="display:none">Sun Microsystems </font>
<font class="compitem1">Project:</font> <font class="compitem2">Open-JBI-Components; </font>
<font class="compitem1">Keywords:</font> <font class="compitem2">JBI, SE, BPEL</font> <font style="display:none">Logic and orchestration</font>

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