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!!route keyword
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!!route keyword
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* [from|Integration Flow Language From Keyword]
* [to|Integration Flow Language From Keyword]
* [broadcast|Integration Flow Language From Keyword]
* [from|Integration Flow Language From Keyword]
** pipe and filter pattern
* [to|Integration Flow Language To Keyword]
** pipe and filter pattern
* [broadcast|Integration Flow Language Broadcast Keyword]
** scatter-gather pattern
* [split|FujiEIPSplit]
** splitter pattern
* [aggregate|FujiEIPAggregate]
** aggregator pattern / scatter-gather pattern
* [select|FujiEIPCBR]
** content-based router
* [filter|FujiEIPMessageFilter]
** message filter pattern
* [tee|FujiEIPWireTap]
** wire tap pattern
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!Basic syntax
!!Basic syntax
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!Alternate simplified syntax
!!Alternate simplified syntax
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!route With Composite Constructs
Adding composite constructs to the route such as broadcast:
!!route With Composite Constructs
Instead of the simple "to" of the pipe-and-filter pattern, the other EIP keywords can be inserted. For example adding a broadcast to the route:
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!!Named route
Routes can be named so they can be called and included in other routes. It can be thought of as defining a re-usable endpoint, breaking the routing up into re-usable pieces. Named routes do not have a "from", implicitly messages come from routing messages to that route name/endpoint.
route "<my-route-name>" do
to "<logical filter name 1>" # occurs 0 or more times
to "<logical service name>" # occurs once
The named route "endpoint" can be referenced in the other IFL construct like any other service, i.e. to call the above one or more other routes could state (assuming a name of my-route-name):
route do
from "my-trasnport"
to "some-transform"
to "my-route-name"

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