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! How to enable JAX-WS handlers in OpenESB
In OpenESB, we allow user handler implementations to be plugged into JAX-WS runtime through HTTP BC. A few things worth mentioning are:
** Handler implementation can be implemented in Java SE project(s) or any other standalone environment, i.e. handler implementation(s) can also be compiled outside of the IDE.
** Handler is an user implemented class with the only requirement of implementing the well-defined JAX-WS handler interface (SOAPHandler, LogicalHandler, and the optimized version of the SOAPHandler called MessageHandler)
** Handler implementation and configuration does not affect the application composition, i.e. building a BPEL process which adds a webservice request message\\
handler to tweak the SOAP headers before invoking a remote service should/would not affect the BPEL logic.
** Handler configuration, i.e. the particular handler class to invoke, will be done on the SOAP binding in CASA editor
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* What can be done using JAX-WS handlers
! How to configure JAX-WS handlers in OpenESB
As mentioned earlier, handlers can be configured on the SOAP binding in CASA. Since it is a port (endpoint) level configuration, the handler configuration is enabled on the SOAP endpoint icon (i.e. the "greenish" and the "pupleish" arrows), as shown in the screen shot below:
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! How to enable JAX-WS handlers in OpenESB

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