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* Inbound in-only message processing
* Inbound in-only message processing. Supports following concurrent mode
** Sync
** CC (Connection Consumer)
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* Sending message to JMS server.
* Sending message to JMS server
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* Provide support for XATransaction (using appserver TransactionManager)
* Provide support for Sun Java System Message Queue, JMS Grid, WebSphere MQ/MQ Series, WebLogic JMS, JBoss JMS and Generic JNDI.
* Support of message recovery
* Support for XATransaction (using appserver TransactionManager)
* Supports following message servers
** Sun Java System Message Queue
** JMS Grid
** WebSphere MQ/MQ Series
** WebLogic JMS
** JBoss JMS
** Generic JNDI support.
* Support message recovery on failure
* Dynamic endpoint configuration. Provide support for overriding binding configuration dynamically.
* Message redelivery handling
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