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{{{java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar AS_INSTALL install}}} \\
{{{java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar <AS_INSTALL> install}}} \\
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asadmin upgrade-jbi-component AS_INSTALL/jbi/components/
asadmin upgrade-jbi-component --upgradefile <FILE_NAME> <COMPONENT_NAME> \\
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!!Version check:
asadmin upgrade-jbi-component --upgradefile <AS_INSTALL>/jbi/components/sun-http-binding/httpbc.jar sun-http-binding \\
asadmin upgrade-jbi-component --upgradefile <AS_INSTALL>/jbi/components/sun-javaee-engine/appserv-jbise.jar sun-javaee-engine \\
asadmin upgrade-jbi-component --upgradefile <AS_INSTALL>/jbi/shared-libraries/sun-wsdl-library/wsdlsl.jar sun-wsdl-library \\
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!!Version check
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{{{java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar <appserver-install-root> install overwrite}}}
{{{java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar <AS_INSTALL> install overwrite}}}

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