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For a list of components, see [OpenESB Component list|]
!! JBI Components
For a list of components, see the Projects menu.
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!!Other topics
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* [Introduction|Encoder]
* [Installation Guide|EncoderInstallation]
* Encoder Providers (Implemented)
** [Custom|CustomDefined]
** [HL7]
** [Cobol Copybooks]
* Encoder Providers (Planned)
** SEF
** MFS for IMS
** Swift
** SAG (LDA, PDA) for ADABAS Natural
* [Encoder Provider Registration|EncoderRegistration]
* [Implement Your Own Encoder Provider|CreateOwnEncoder]
* [Tips, Tricks and Known Issues|EncoderTricksAndTips]
* [Encoder Next Step (document)|EncoderNextStep.odt]
* [Encoder Road Map (document)|EncoderRoadMap.odp]
* [Encoder vs. OTD comparison (document)|EncoderVsOtd.odp]
* [Encoder planning for mid-term and long-term (ods document)|Encoder_plan_detail.ods]
* [Encoder planning - details (odt document)|Encoder_plan.odt]
!! Shared Libraries (SL)
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* [JBI Mock Framework]
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* [JBI Mock Framework] %%(color:red;)new!%%
!Management, Monitoring and Administration
* [CAM]
!! Java EE projects related to OpenESB
* [JMSJCA Wizard in NetBeans | JMSJCAWizard]
* [Application Configuration CLI |Application Configuration CLI]
* [Application Configuration Editor in Glassfish Admin Console |Application Configuration Editor in Glassfish Admin Console]
* [Application Verifier|Application Verifier]
* [EJB Editor Palette Actions in NetBeans| EJBPaletteActions]
* [EJB Timer Wizard in NetBeans | EJBTimerWizard]
!!Cool Stuff
*[Aspect Orientation for Composite Applications|AOSD]
*[Enterprise 2.0] %%(color:red;)new!%%
!! Notification Service Engine Links
* [Main Notification Service Engine page|]
* [Notification Service Engine Team & Contact Information|]
** This page includes links to Notification Service Engine team members and contact information.
* [Notification Service Engine Subcomponents|]
* [Inside the Notification Service Engine & NetBeans Plugin|]

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