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!!!The OpenESB Wiki
This Wiki is a valuable informational resource addressing the requirements of this broad community. The wiki is open for reading to all. Contributors to existing or new wiki topics need to
have a registered user id.
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!!!The wiki has changed...
__Note__: if the layout looks completely incorrect to you, make sure to do a refresh of your browser to force loading of the latest version of the stylesheet file. On Firefox: control-r, or control-shift-r. Also, and this is __important__, make sure that the __Skin__ is set to __Smart__ in the user preferences. This is the default. If it still appears incorrect, please contact Frank Kieviet.
Comments and questions: contact Frank Kieviet (frank.kieviet at
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The layout of the wiki has changed to integrate the wiki better with the web pages.
* The left page menu has disappeared: you can find it below. It will soon be removed from there too. The menu bar at the top should be used for navigation.
* The color scheme has changed: it's now in line with the OpenESB pages, which in turn is more in sync with GlassFish.
* Several cosmetic changes have been made to make the wiki easier to read.
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Comments and questions: conctact Frank Kieviet (frank.kieviet at
!!!Left-page menu
[Main page|Main]\\
[Recent Changes]\\
[GlassFish ESB|]\\
[Project Fuji Wiki|ProjectFuji]\\
[JBI Components WIKI|Jbicomps]\\
[Open ESB v2 for Java SE | OpenESBJavaSE]\\
[Open ESB v2 for JBoss | OpenESBJBoss]\\
[Open ESB v2 for WebSphere | OpenESBWebSphere]\\
[Open ESB Project|]\\
[Project Fuji at|]\\
[Open JBI Components Project|]\\
[Learn JBI|LearnJBI]\\
[Improve Open ESB|ImprovingOpenESB]\\
[JBI Updates for GlassFish ESB v2|GlassFishESBv2Update]\\
!!!Quick index
[JBI Updates for GlassFish ESB v2.1|GlassFishESBv21JBIRuntime]\\
[JBI Updates for GlassFish ESB v2|GlassFishESBv2JBIRuntime]\\
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[Learn JBI|LearnJBI]\\
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[Community Comments]\\
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<span class="sub">[Documentation Home|Documentation]</span>
<span class="sub">[Developer Docs|DeveloperDocumentation]</span>
<span class="sub">[User Docs|UserDocumentation]</span>
<span class="sub">[Contribute Docs|ContributeDocumentation]</span>
<span class="sub">[Doc Plans|DocPlanningLinks]</span>
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[Recent Changes]\\
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!Blogs of Interest
[Andi Egloff's Blog|]\\
[Mark White's Open ESB Musings|]\\
[Gopalan's Web Cornucopia|]\\
[Ron's Blog|]\\
[KevinS's Blog|]\\
[Binod's Blog|]\\
[Planet SOA/BI|]\\
!Recent Updates
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!!! Welcome to the Community Wiki for Java Business Integration (JBI), JBI Component Development, and Open ESB
!!! Community News
<div style="background-color:#cccccc">[{albertwong.RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' size='2'}]</div>
<div style="background-color:#cccccc">[{albertwong.RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' size='2'}]</div>
!!! Announcements
!! Announcing [Open ESB v3|OpenESB_v3] and [GlassFish ESB|]
!Check out two new projects that we are launching now..
<div style="background-color:#cccccc">[{albertwong.RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' size='3'}]
<div style="background-color:#cccccc">[{albertwong.RSSRDFReaderPlugin url='' size='3'}]
Java Business Integration (JBI) is a Java standard ([JSR 208|]) for structuring business integration systems along SOA lines. It defines an environment for plug-in components that interact using a services model based directly on WSDL 2.0.
[Project Open ESB|] is an open source community comprising of Users, Developers, Partners, and Evangelists creating a next generation SOA based Integration Platform using Java Business Integration.
It is part of a collection of
[Open Source Middleware Communities|];
all these communities are intended to work well together but,
in the usual Open Source tradition,
we encourage pluggability and reuse across many other communities and projects
[Project Open JBI Components|] is an open source community for the development of components that are compliant to JBI technology. These components are complex service engines like [BPEL|BPELSE], [IEP|IEPSE], [ETL|ETLSE] etc. or simple bindings like [File|FileBC] or more conventional adapters like [SAP|SAPBC] or [HL7|HL7BC]. You can use the components available here, as well as contribute your own stuff.
We are also establishing a new community and project called [GlassFishESB|]. Check it out. With this project, we are launching [Open ESB v3|OpenESB_v3] with [Project Fuji]. These new projects are designed to take advantage of the powerful combination of JBI and OSGi.
This Wiki is a valuable informational resource addressing the requirements of this broad community. The wiki is open for reading to all. Contributors to existing or new wiki topics need to
have a registered user id.
Content in the wiki includes information for:
* [Developers learning about JBI | LearnJBI]
* [Plug & Play JBI Components available to download for Open ESB and other JBI environments|jbicomps]
* [Developers Improving Open ESB|ImprovingOpenESB]
* [Developers creating new JBI components|CreatingJBIComps]
* [General Interest|AboutOpenESB]
__Note: Many of the documents you find on this wiki are written using [OpenOffice|]. Download it and try it out__
!! General Information
__RoadMaps - Upcoming releases__
* [Open ESB v2 - shipping now with Java EE SDK - check it out at |]
* [Open ESB v1 - code name Kenai]
__Open ESB HowTos - Get Productive__
* [HowTo Install OpenESB | ForBeginners ]
* [Getting Started With Open ESB and Open JBI Components]
* [More...|]
__Open ESB Extras - Augment your productivity using Open ESB__
* [Composite Applications]
* [Tools, IDEs, etc.]
* [Others of Interest]
__Tech Days, Conferences, etc - Your Education and Training source__
* [Checkout the Events Page |]\\
! Contact Us
Can't find it? Need Help from us? Send Feedback to [Wiki Management|]
!!! Quick Overviews to Facets of Project OpenESB
* [For First Time Visitors | ForBeginners]
* [Top Reasons to Use JBI Based Environment]
* [Top Reasons to Use Open ESB]
* [Open ESB Developers Top Page|OpenESBDevelopersTop]
* [Top n Myths about Open ESB]
* [Community Top Page|CommunityTop]
!!! Governance Documents
This section is intended to be modified only by members of the Open ESB/GlassFishESB governance council.
Membership in the council is still TBD, stay tuned. The governance policy of Open ESB/GlassFishESB follows
the Glassfish Governance Policy for the most part: See the link below details.
* [Open ESB, GlassFish ESB Governance Policy |]
!!! Information for Wiki Editors
Work in Progress!
* [Editorial Guidelines|WikiEditorialGuidelines]
* [Wiki HowTo|WikiHowTo]
* [TODO List|TodoList]

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