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!Recent changes to this wiki
__Note__: if the layout looks completely incorrect to you, make sure to do a refresh of your browser to force loading of the latest version of the stylesheet file. On Firefox: control-r, or control-shift-r. Also, and this is __important__, make sure that the __Skin__ is set to __Smart__ in the user preferences. This is the default. If it still appears incorrect, please contact Frank Kieviet.
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The layout of the wiki has changed to integrate the wiki better with the web pages.
* The left page menu has disappeared: you can find it below. It will soon be removed from there too. The menu bar at the top should be used for navigation.
* The color scheme has changed: it's now in line with the OpenESB pages, which in turn is more in sync with GlassFish.
* Several cosmetic changes have been made to make the wiki easier to read.

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