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** Open the Admin Console Scheduler BC Monitoring Window\\
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You can monitor a deployed Scheduler project from the GlassFish Admin Console.
The Admin Console monitors the following statistics for your Scheduler Binding Component:
* __Summary Statistics__, such as up time, activated endpoints, completed exchanges, error exchanges, and so forth.\\
* __Message Exchange Statistics__, such as response times. \\
* __Endpoint Statistics__, such as received and sent requests, replies, errors, and so forth. \\
* __Component Provided Statistics__, such as Last Update, Next Trigger, Number of executed jobs, and active triggers. \\
!Open the Admin Console Scheduler BC Monitoring Window
# From the NetBeans Services window, right-click GlassFish V2 under Servers and choose View Admin Console from the pop-up menu. You can also access the Admin Console at http://localhost:4848/login.jsf.
# In the Admin Console's Common Tasks tree, select sun-scheduler-binding under JBI → Components.
# Select the Monitoring tab.[{Image src='ep-sch-bc-monitor.gif' width='' height='' alt='Image shows the Admin Console Monitoring Window as described in context' align='left|center|right' }]\\
# To see the latest statistics, refresh your screen regularly.

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