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Notification SE - %%(font-size:larger;background-color:wheat)__''home''__%% | [project page|NotificationSEProject] | [milestones|NotificationSEMilestones] | [issues|NotificationSEIssues]
%%(font-size:larger;background-color:wheat)__''introduction''__%% | [presentations|NotificationSEPresentations]
[#1] WS-Notification 1.3 Specifications can be found at: [|]
!!! Subcomponents
|admin|component configuration extensions, mbeans; monitoring
|demo|client code, documentation, screencast, setup, web services
|function|subscription manager, notification consumer and producer
|function test|jregress tests for component operation
|jbi|support for packaging, installation, operation, deployment, message exchange
|samples|xsd, wsdl, bpel files; SA archive; client code; web service code
|system test|selenium tests for demo
|systemic qualities|endpoints, logging, monitoring, etc.
|tooling|NetBeans module to manage topics, filters, subscriptions
|unit tests|junit tests for component implementation
!!!What is the Notification Service Engine? (Status: %%(color:red;)Incubation%%)
This incubator project supports WS-Notification[1] via an Open ESB Service Engine that will provide subscription management and notification publishing/filtering support for both Web Service clients and endpoints and JBI components.
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!!!What is the NotificationSE?
This incubator project is aimed at supporting WS-Notification via an Open ESB Service Engine that will provide subscription management and notification publishing/filtering support for both Web Service clients and endpoints and JBI components.
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* [Notification Service Engine Team & Contact Information|]
** This page also includes links to ???
* [Notification Service Engine Subcomponents|]
!Using the NotificationSE
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&lt;project name&gt; is a JBI compliant &lt;project type&gt;.
It allows &lt;project purpose&gt;.
It accomplishes this by &lt;project action&gt;.
&lt;project name&gt; is being developed by &lt;partner name&gt;.
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!!! How to use the Notification Service Engine?
(after Milestone 2)
* [Quick Start | &lt;project name&gt;.QuickStart] (link tbd)
* [User's Guide | &lt;project name&gt;.UserGuide] (link tbd)
* [Demo | &lt;project name&gt;.Demo] (link tbd)
(to come in the future)
* [Tutorial | &lt;project name&gt;.Tutorial] (link tbd)
* [Screencast | &lt;project name&gt;.Screencast] (link tbd)
!System requirements and dependencies
No special requirements
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!!! What's new?
* [Project Plan|NotificationSEProject]
* [Milestones|NotificationSEMilestones]
* [Presentations|NotificationSEPresentations]
Please post questions on the [OpenESB mailing list|]. File bugs in the [OpenESB issue tracker|]; use the NotificationSE category.
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!!! Inside the Notification SE and NetBeans Plugin
* ''Notification SE'' Design Document (link tbd)
* ''NetBeans Notification Plugin'' Design Document (link tbd)
* [''Notification SE'' source code access via CVS|] (details tbd)
* [''NetBeans Notification Plugin'' source code access via CVS|] (details tbd)
Current __release &lt;project release number&gt;__ provides the following features:
* Support for OpenESB.
* Netbeans plug-in compliant with Netbeans enterprise suite.
* Support for
* Support for
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! System Requirements
Notification Service Engine has the following system requirements:
* A jre 1.5 or higher. It has been tested with:
** Sun jdk 1.5.x over linux.
** Sun jdk 1.5.x over windows.
* A JBI container 1.0 or higher. It has been tested with:
** OpenESB 2.0.
* A JCA container. It has been tested with:
** GlasshFish 2.0.
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!!! Notification Service Engine Roadmap
The currently defined roadmap for &lt;project name&gt; includes:
!!!Evolution of the NotificationSE
! What is new?
Development on this component has been stopped... Looking for someone to pick up this project!
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__Release 0.5__ (Q? 2009?):
* Features ...
* Support for ...
* Support for ...
Also see [project page|NotificationSEProject], [milestones|NotificationSEMilestones]
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__Release 1.0__ (Q? 2009?):
* Features ...
* Support for ...
* Support for ...
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* Developers working on the NotificationSE: Currently none
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!!! Inside Notification Service Engine
!! Development Status
!!!Developing the NotificationSE
Also see [issues|NotificationSEIssues]
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* Current version is &lt;product version&gt;. Analysis, Designs, and Schedules for the current development iteration are located [here | &lt;project name&gt;.LatestDevelopmentIteration]
* Previous development iterations can be found below:
** [Iteration X | &lt;project name&gt;.DevelopmentIterationX]
* Tested in ... &lt;test status&gt;.
* Planned release of &lt;next version&gt; for Q? 2009(?).
!NotificationSE Source Code
See JBI Components project
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!! Project Architecture
For a diagram illustrating this project see __[Architecture|&lt;project name&gt;.Architecture]__.
!! Source Code
The source code for the &lt;project name&gt; project is located under [Open JBI Components CVS|]. The source is located under the [&lt;partner/project folder&gt;|;partner/project folder&gt;] directory. See __[OpenESB Getting Started|&lt;project name&gt;.OpenESBGettingStarted]__ for instructions on how to get started in OpenESB.
!! Issue Tracker
Go to the [Open JBI Components Issue Tracker|] to submit issues. Please choose &lt;project name&gt; as the subcomponent.
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