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* [Using the HTTP Binding Component|HTTPBindingComponentUserGuide]
* [Using the HTTP Binding Component|UsingTheHTTPBindingComponent]
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* [Using Application Configuration to Configure Connectivity Parameters|UsingApplicationConfigurationWithConnectivityParameters]
* %%(color:#3333ff;)__Using Application Configuration to Configure Connectivity Parameters__%%
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!!HTTP Binding Component User Guide
* [HTTP Binding Component User Guide|HTTPBindingComponentUserGuide]
* [About the HTTP Binding Component|AboutHTTPBindingComponent]
* [HTTP/SOAP Binding Architecture|HTTPBindingComponentArchitecture]
* [HTTP Binding Component Features|HTTPBindingComponentFeatures]
* [HTTP Binding Component Example Scenario|HTTPBindingComponentExampleScenario]
* [SOAP Processing|SOAPProcessing]
* [HTTP Processing|HTTPProcessing]
* [HTTP GET and POST Processing|HTTPGetAndPostProcessing]
* [HTTP Binding Component Runtime Properties|HTTPBindingComponentRuntimeProperties]
* [Configuring Quality of Service (QOS) Features|ConfiguringQualityOfServiceProperties]
* [Using the Tango Web Service Features with the HTTP Binding Component|UsingTangoWebServiceAttributes]
* [Configuring Web Service Attributes|ConfiguringWebServiceAttributes]
* [Configuring Security Mechanisms|ConfiguringSecurityMechanisms]
* [Using Basic Authentication with the HTTP Binding Component|UsingBasicAuthenticationWithHTTPBindingComponent]
* [Using Application Variables to Define Name/Value Pairs|UsingApplicationVariablesToDefineNameValuePairs]
* __Using Application Configuration to Configure Connectivity Parameters__
* [Enhanced Logging|EnhancedLogging]
* [Statistics Monitoring|StatisticsMonitoring]
* [Using WS-Transaction|UsingWSTransaction]
* [Clustering Support for the HTTP Binding Component|ClusteringSupportForHTTPBindingComponent]
* [Common User Scenarios|CommonUserScenariosForHTTPBindingComponent]

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