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|| Property|| Description || Value
| search-bind-dn | Used together with search-bind-password, the dn with permission to do search| The dn with permission to do search
| search-bind-password | Used together with search-bind-dn, the password needed for search| The password needed for search
| search-filter | "%s" will be substituted with actual userId that user types into a login page, the entire value will be used as query to get the LDAP DN for the user in | ''uid_attribute''=%s
| group-base-dn |The base DN to do group search, groups returned will have the same base DN | The base DN of group, e.g. Search all groups within "Sales" department
| group-search-filter | "%d" will be substituted with actual user DN, the query to search groups which contain the specific user DN| ''group_member_attribute''=%d
| group-target | The attribute on the group, of which the value will be used as group name | The attribute identifies the group name on group

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