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Understanding the LDAP Binding Component

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About the LDAP Binding Component

The LDAP BC enables data exchange with an LDAP directory on an LDAP server. By providing the connection to the LDAP server, the LDAP BC enables processes to search, compare, and modify an LDAP directory using the LDAP protocol. The Binding Component wraps the JBI interface to enable access to operations provided by the LDAP service.

The LDAP BC conforms to the JBI specification and enables LDAP server integration in a JBI environment. The binding component consists of two modules: the runtime JBI module and the design-time NetBeans plugin. The LDAP BC runtime module implements interfaces defined in the JBI framework and interacts with the external LDAP server for managing the directory services. The runtime uses LDAP v3 to interact with the LDAP directory server.

The design-time module provides visual configuration of the binding component. It also defines how other components can integrate with the LDAP BC inside the JBI framework. Users can update properties for the component and incorporate LDAP components with others in service assemblies that are then deployed to an application server.

Functional Architecture of the LDAP Binding Component

The LDAP BC provides a comprehensive solution for configuring and connecting to the LDAP server within a JBI environment. The runtime component provides the physical connectivity between the Normalized Message Router in the JBI framework and the external LDAP server. The runtime component can act as a service provider, supporting Outbound services sending requests to the LDAP server from the JBI framework.

This component implements all the required interfaces from the JBI 1.0 specification. The diagram below illustrates the architecture of the LDAP BC.

Image shows the LDAP BC architecture.

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