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BPEL Debugger Meeting Notes

05/31/06: Alex, Mei, Josh

  • SPI
    • Alexander will provide a small reference implementation of some of the SPI based on the current debuggerse for
      • proof of concept.
      • so Josh and Mei understand better about SPI and Alexander understands the implementation issues for debuggerse.
    • Josh and Mei will provide assistance to Alexander for any questions about debuggerse. Runtime support for ScopeInstance is the major concern on the SPI, Mei will research to find how this will be supported.
  • Process Execution View
    • Process Execution View is hard to implement without the full implementation of SPI, so we suggest not spending time to make it work in the current debuggerse.
  • Multi-threading support
    • Current debugger 's breakpoint does not suspend the whole process instance. For example, if a breakpoint is on a flow, only the branch that has the breakpoint is suspended. This is problematic if we don't make the bpel callframe (the bpel thread) visiable to the user, so we suggest a change on the debuggerse to suspend the whole process instance whenever a breakpoint is reached. This could be changed later when we can make bpel callframe visiable via process execution view or other views.
  • In the meantime, we carry on bug fixing testing coverage on debugger

05/12/06: Gabe, Mei, Josh

  • Alexander's BDI API
    • Alexander to provide some test cases/ junit
    • Events
      • are they really neccessary?
      • events going to impact performance?
      • write-up of how the API would work - is it going to help us create automated tests easier?
  • All of these below happen after the API re-factoring if we go ahead with that
    • back-end refactoring - can bedone somewhat independently of Alexanders API -
    • prototype - 2 weeks full time, 2 weeks - real product - Mei
    • UI test matrix, investigate UI testing framework - 1 week
    • increase test coverage - 4 weeks - 2 weeks for front-end, 2 weeks back-end
    • bugster bugs - 12 bugs
    • Watch, Set - 2 weeks each for integration if Alexanders API allows us to leverage Netbeans watch and set
    • file resolution re-factoring - Josh to talk to Alexander - 2 week
    • process list of all current server processes - Josh - 2 weeks
    • project based debugging - talk to Matt and Alexander
    • process execution view - for free if API is in place - otherwise 2 weeks

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