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BPELSE Junit Testing

Testing BPELSE

The test of bpelse should include engine feature tests, bpel 2.0 specification tests, 5.1 bpel tests, POC scenarios, and test suite developments

Running the driver tests locally using command line

An HTML report will be generated at the end. Running all the bpelse tests should take approx. 30 minutes.
  1. Download and extract in the $JV_SRCROOT\open-jbi-components\nbbuild folder
  2. Edit the following properties in the file. Note: Use forward slash as the file separator.
    • caps.appserver.home (e.g., c:/open-esb/glassfish)
    • caps.jbi.home (e.g., c:/open-esb/glassfish/jbi)
    • caps.netbeans.home (e.g., c:/open-esb/netbeans)
    • caps.netbeans.user (e.g., c:/Documents and Settings/pbhagat/.netbeans/dev)
  3. Edit the following properties in run-ojc-tests.bat to point to the appropriate locations
    • NB_HOME
    • ANT_HOME
  4. Edit the file caps.jbi.tests to include only the tests that you want to run. Make sure there are no blank lines in caps.jbi.tests file after the line caps.jbi.tests=\
  5. Start glassfish and install the required components
  6. Open a command prompt at $JV_SRCROOT\open-jbi-components\nbbuild and run the run-ojc-tests.bat file


  • You can monitor the progress of the tests by opening the file testresults.txt. While monitoring this file, you may notice that the script takes a lot of time (5-10 mins) at the following line:
set-project-private set-project-private: start!

Do not terminate the test at this point. You can avoid this delay if you delete all the folders under $JV_SRCROOT\open-jbi-components\driver-tests except bpelse

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