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Bing Lu


  • I work for Sun Microsystem's in the Service Oriented Architecture and Business Integration Group
  • My area of expertise is event processing, specifically, Complex Event Processing and Event Stream Processing


  • I am a contributer to OpenESB, more specifically, to the IEP Service Engine, an open source Complex Event Processing and Event Stream Processing engine


Approved by U.S. Patent Agency:

  1. Patent No: US 7343554 B2 "Mechanisms For Supporting Back Button Function of Web Browser As Web Service Server In
Interaction With Business Process Engine"

Submitted to U.S. Patent Agency

  1. Sun Patent No: SUN07-38 "Event-Processing Operators"
  2. Sun Patent No:SUN07-39 "Implementing Event Processors"


  • An article, in the August 2008 edition of JDJ, along with Prabhu Balashanmugam

Other Interest and Hobbies

  • I like to play Table Tennis and participate in tournaments

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