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Utility for BPEL 1.1 to BPEL 2.0 migration.

BPEL 2.0 has several changes from BPEL 1.1, elements have been renamed, new elements have been added, attributes removed, etc.
This document MigrationBP1.1ToBP2.0.odt outlines the migration rules.

The Utility uses the XSLT stylesheet Transform.xsl written by Venkata Yella

What it does.

  • Compiles the BPEL 2.0 import statements by reading all the WSDL and XSD files in the given input folder recursively.
  • Writes out every WSDL and XSD file in the input folder to the output folder.
  • Reads every BPEL 1.0 file in the input folder, transforms them into BPEL 2.0 file using the XSLT file.
  • Inserts all statements into the transformed BPEL 2.0 file.
  • Does a DOM based format/Indent of the transformed file and replaces any occurrence of BPEL 1.1 namespaceURI with BPEL 2.0 namespaceURI
  • Writes out the BPEL 2.0 file to the output folder.

Running the Utility (executable jar file transform.jar).


The source file is packaged in the jar

java -jar transform.jar [path of input dir] [path of output dir]

Example : java -jar tranform.jar C:\Temp\InputFolder C:\Temp\OutputFolder

An example of bpel 1.1 doc's is provided to test the utility.

  • Unzip the contents to a folder.
  • Specify the path to this folder as the input directory parameter.
  • Specify an output folder as the output directory parameter.
  • Execute the command as specified above.



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