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Component Developer Kit (CDK)

This page contains details on the different facets, each with its own tab, of the soon-to-be-updated Component Development Kit (CDK). There are multiple audiences for creating JBI components; the modules described on this page attempt to address each audience in a targeted manner.

CDK Modules

JBI Component Console
Once project is created, a multi-view graphical editor will aid in the configuration and installation of a JBI component.
Command-Line Interface (CLI)
An Ant-based command-line utility to create JBI component projects.
CDK Netbeans Plugin (NBP) - Coming Soon!
A Netbeans plugin to create a JBI component using a detailed graphical wizard. An example of what could be done can be found at CDK NetBeans Project Plugin

CDK Concepts Wiki

Be sure to check out the CDK Component Developer's Concept wiki for explanations of the various JBI and CDK concepts, design decisions, and helpful tips.


Mailing List

For questions and comments, please subscribe to an appropriate list at OpenESB Mailing Lists.


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JBI Component Console

The JBIC Console manages a <component-name>.jbic file (for example, "xqueryse.jbic"), which contains all necessary information to build an installable jar for the component. Details on the syntax of the .jbic file can be found at the JBI Component Syntax wiki. The basic concept behind this editor is to be a cross between standard NB multi-view editors and the Plugin Editor in Eclipse (specifically, each view is a subset of the file's data, not differing views of the whole set of data).


More information can be found on the JBIC Console wiki.
Name Description
Project Allows editing of project name and other such fields.
Component JBI component configuration.
Poms Tabs for each Maven module in the JBIC project.
Source The ubiquitious source view, showing the underlying xml file of the current view.

Command-Line Interface

Acquire the CDK Distribution

To use the CDK Command-Line Interface, you must first download the latest CDK Distribution.

Creating a JBI Component Project

  • Extract the contents and navigate to the CDK distribution directory.
  • Type the command: ant create

Viewing a JBI Component Project

  • Extract the contents and navigate to the CDK distribution directory.
  • Type the command: ant open
    • A graphical file chooser will appear: select an existing project's .jbic or, for OJC Core components, the top-level pom.xml.
    • Optional: To bypass the file chooser, add the following parameter pointing to the project's .jbic or pom.xml:

Existing JBIC Projects CLI

To open an existing JBIC project, navigate to the project root and type the command: ant create

Netbeans Plugin

Requirements coming soon!

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