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Component Development Kit Plan

Milestones (Component Pack Release)

JBI Component Developer Kit
Phase Milestone Complete By Task/Feature Owner Status
1 1 12/31 Develop JBI Console, capable of creating new JBI component Kevan Done
Prepare materials for CDK workshop Kevan Done
2 1/14 Update wiki pages to reflect current CDK usage Kevan Done
1/14 Develop sample BC based on Component Toolkit using CDK Harry
3 1/21 Document sample CDK generated BC project Harry
1/21 Create distributable version of CDK Kevan In Progress
1/21 Reorganize JBIC Console layout Noel
4 1/28 Add OSGi bundle manifest generation in CDK Kevan
TBD Develop NetBeans plugin Reference Implementation Jonelle
Document NetBeans plugin Reference Implementation in OpenESB page Jonelle
Document APIs required of OpenESB NetBeans plugins in OpenESB page Jonelle
Develop sample SE project using CDK Harry, Kevan
Document sample CDK generated SE project Harry, Kevan
Add unit test generation in CDK Kevan

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