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Jbi4Cics Binding Component

Jbi4Cics is a JBI compliant Binding Component.
It allows to map a CICS ECI service as an internal JBI endpoint.
This is simply done by deploying into a JBI ESB a service unit containing the CICS ECI service's copy cobol, no coding is required.
Having an internal JBI endpoint opens a wide spectrum of possibilities because the endpoint can partecipate to the message streams and the orchestrations that take place inside the ESB.
For example the endpoint could be externally exposed as a SOAP/HTTP Webservice.
Jbi4Cics is being developed by Imola Informatica s.r.l.

It has been developed also a plugin for Netbeans Jbi4CicsPlugin that allows a full integration of the component with OpenESB. The plugin has been realized over NetBeans IDE 5.5 and NetBeans IDE 6, with the Enterprise Pack installed.

For more informations about the Jbi4Cics component see the Documentation.

For more informations about the Jbi4Cics plugin see the NetBeans plugin.


You can find Jbi4Cics at the open-jbi-components download section


The Jbi4Cics Binding Component is open source software released under the LGPL License v2.1.


Current release 0.2 provides the following features:

  • Support for OpenESB and ServiceMix
  • Netbeans plug-in compliant with Netbeans enterprise suite.
  • Support for CICS-ECI synchronous calls (i.e. InOut MEP).
  • Support for String, Binary, Packed Decimal, Zoned Decimal cobol data types.
  • Support for nested structures and fixed length occurs.
  • Support for i18n.

System Requirements

Jbi4Cics has the following system requirements:

  • A jre 1.5 or higher. It has been tested with:
    • Sun jdk 1.5.x over linux.
    • Sun jdk 1.5.x over windows.
  • A JBI container 1.0 or higher. It has been tested with:
    • OpenESB 2.0.
    • ServiceMix 3.0-incubating.
  • A JCA container. It has been tested with:
    • GlasshFish 2.0.
    • xbean-spring JCA container 2.6.

JBI4Cics Roadmap

We have defined the following roadmap for Jbi4Cics:

Release 0.5 (III Qt 2007):

  • More Cobol data types (floating point, log floating point, date …).
  • Variable length occurs
  • Support for redefines clause
  • Asynchronous calls (i.e. InOnly MEP).

Release 1.0 (I Qt 2008):

  • More security features
  • More transactional features
  • More management features

Development Status

  • Current version is 0.2.
  • Tested in Apache ServiceMix (3.0-incubating).
  • Tested in OpenESB 2.0. At the moment the autentication on the CTG works only if the account is set in the connection pool properties.

Source Code

The source code for the Jbi4Cics binding component is located under Open JBI Components CVS. The source is located under the contrib-imola/cics-bc directory. See OpenESB Getting Started for instructions on how to get started in OpenESB.

Issue Tracker

Go to the Open JBI Components Issue Tracker to submit issues. Please choose cics-bc as the subcomponent.

Mailing Lists

For questions and feedback please use the Open JBI Components mailing lists.

Discussion Forums

To start discussions use the Open JBI Components discussion forums.


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