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What is the JBI4Corba Binding Component?

Jbi4Corba is a JBI compliant Binding Component. It allows to map a CORBA service as an internal JBI endpoint. This is simply done by deploying a service unit containing the IDL defining the CORBA service. No coding is required: the IDL is used to generate the service. Having an internal JBI endpoint opens a wide spectrum of possibilities because the endpoint can partecipate to the message streams and the orchestrations that take place inside the ESB. For example the endpoint could be externally exposed as a SOAP/HTTP Webservice.

Jbi4Corba is developed by Imola Informatica s.r.l. which is also providing commercial support for it (see below).

Using the JBI4Corba Binding Component


Current release 0.7.3 provides the following features:
  • Support for both GlassFishESB.
  • Netbeans plug-in compliant with Netbeans SOA tools.
  • Support for Provider and Consumer mode.
  • Support for Consumer IDL-first and WSDL-first use cases.
  • Ability to use different orb even simultaneously.
  • Support for synchronous (i.e. InOut MEP)and asynchronous (i.e. InOut MEP)comunication.
  • Different localization mechanisms (Name Service, corbaloc, corbaname, IOR).
  • Support inout and out IDL parameters.
  • Support advanced IDL complex type as Union, Any, Interfaces.
  • support for IDL with include.
  • support for IDL with multiple interface definitions.
  • support for IDL containing union type.
  • support for IDL with methods that return an interface reference (stateful interaction).
  • support for the IDL first consumer design time use case.
  • support for IDL "any" type.
  • Support for i18n.

System requirements and dependencies

Jbi4Corba has the following system requirements:
  • A jre 1.5 or higher. It has been tested with:
    • sun jdk 1.5.x on linux.
    • sun jdk 1.5.x on windows.
  • A JBI container 1.0 or higher. It has been tested with:
    • GlassfishESB (with JBIRuntime soarelease-081117.
    • ServiceMix 3.1.1-incubating.
  • A CORBA ORB implementation. It has been tested with:
    • Sun ORB (from jdk 1.5.x).
    • GlassFish ORB.
    • JacORB.
The Netbeans plugin has the following system requirements:
  • The NetBeans bundled in GlassfisESB distribution (NetBeans 6.1 Patch 4 Candidate (200810140114) + OpenESB addons).


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the corba-bc sub component.

Commercial support

Commercial support for the JBI4Corba Binding Component is available from Imola. Visit the Imola web site for more information.


The Jbi4Corba Binding Component is open source software released under the LGPL License v2.1.

Evolution of the JBI4Corba Binding Component

What is new?

  • Current version is 0.7.1.
  • Tested in Apache ServiceMix (3.1.1-incubating).
  • Tested in OpenESB (version 2.1)
  • Planned release of version 1.0.


We have defined the following roadmap for Jbi4Corba:

Release 1.0:

  • More security features
  • More transactional features
  • More management features


Developing the JBI4Corba Binding Component

JBI4Corba Binding Component Source Code

The source code for the Jbi4Corba binding component is located under Open JBI Components CVS. The source is located under the contrib-imola/corba-bc directory. See OpenESB Getting Started for instructions on how to get started in OpenESB.

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