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Consumer WSDL First - Architecture

Jbi4Corba, when run in consumer from WSDL mode, is based on this simple pseudo equation: wsdl2java + java2idl = wsdl2idl.

From the architectural point of view, we analyze two different phases: the deploy and the runtime.


At deploy time the following sequence of events occurs:

  1. The component get the WSDL and generate the corba servant classes and the associated IDL files. (For a more detailed discussion about the WSDL's features supported, please visit the page supported supported XML Schema data types).
  2. Generated java classes are compiled.
  3. One Jbi4Corba Endpoint is created for each PortType
  4. The endpoint is published
  5. A new instance of the servant is created and registered on the corba service name.

The following (unformal) sequence diagram shows this process:


  1. A corba client call a method on the corba servant.
  2. The corba servant call Jbi4CorbaEndpoint to handle the request.
  3. The Endpoint sends the MessageExchange on the bus to obtain the response.

The following figure shows this process in an unformal sequence diagram:

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