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WSDL to CORBA code generation

This component is based on this simple equation: wsdl2java + java2idl = wsdl2idl

The algorithm used is the following:

  1. retrieving the wsdl
    The first step is retrieving the WSDL used in the code generation.
  2. copying ord.idl and ir.idl
    When the WSDL is obtained we copy the 'orb.idl' and the 'ir.idl' in the same directory where we have saved the WSDL. These files are needed for corba type binding and are standard.
  3. preparing workspace
    In this phase we create all the directory used during the code ganeration, in particulare we create a directory for the java source files and for the class files.
  4. wsdl to java
    The WSDL to Java code generation is executed using CXF. In CXF, the default mapping from wsdl to java data types is good, but you should control which of these data types are supported from our component.
    In fact, we must convert every types defined in the WSDL in a IDL type and not all of them are actually supported.

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