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Apache Camel JBI Service Engine (State:Incubator)

The Apache Camel JBI Service Engine (a.k.a CamelSE) is a JBI Component that can be used to run Apache Camel Applications in OpenESB. The CamelSE also enables Camel Applications (via Camel endpoints) to do message exchange with the service providers and consumers deployed in other JBI Components such as BPEL SE, HTTP BC etc. by providing a Camel Component to the Camel framework that can create Camel Endpoints mapped to the JBI Service Endpoints ( consumer or provider) in the CamelSE.

Using Camel SE

After installing CamelSE in OpenESB V2/GlassfishESB runtime and its Netbeans plugin in Netbeans 6.1, create and deploy camel application as a service unit using Camel JBI Module project ( File->New Project...->SOA->Camel JBI Module) and the Composite Application tools in Netbeans 6.1 IDE.

See this video on how to develop and run Camel Application in OpenESB(info)


When you unzip the downloaded file, you find several examples under camelse/examples directory. You can open the Composite Application project and its dependent projects in each example directory in Netbeans IDE and build,deploy and test them. Please see README.txt in the examples directory for details of the examples.

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


How to Install

  1. unziping the downloaded file creates a camelse directory on the filesystem
  2. Install JBI component installer file in camelse directory on OpenESB V2/GlassfishESB runtime - you can use netbeans jbi manager(Services Tab->Servers->Glassfish->JBI)to install the component.
  3. Install Netbeans plugin org-openesb-components-camelse-nb-plugin.nbm in camelse directory to Netbeans 6.1 IDE
See this video on how to install(info)


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the CamelSE category.

Evolution of the Camel SE

What's New...

Work in progress:

1. Soap to Camel content-based router to two BPEL processes (one maps/sends message to Database BC, the other maps/sends message to File BC) see CamelSECamel2Bpels and a blog entry 2. Soap to Bpel to Camel content-based-router .... see CamelSEBpel2Camel2Bpels

Developing the Camel SE


Srinivasan Chikkala (Email:, blog:

Source code

Source code for component runtime and netbeans tools are checked in to the cvs repository of open-jbi-components project
at open-jbi-components/contrib-other/camelse

How to Build

Checkout source code and use Netbeans 6.1 + JBICDK for building component and netbeans plugin. See README.txt in the source code for more information.

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