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About <project name>

<project name> is a JBI compliant <project type>. It allows <project purpose>. It accomplishes this by <project action>.

Documentation for <project name>

  • Developer documentation, including information on architecture, source code downloads, and contacts, is available on this <page>.
  • Other documentation, including installer, user, and quick start guides, are available on this <page>.
  • For documentation common to all components, such as information on JBI conventions, adapter development processes, and systematic qualities, see Open ESB Documentation.


JAR files for <project name> are available on the Installer Bits. For general information on single component installation, see Single Component Installer.

<project name> Features

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Feature 4

System Requirements

<project name> has the following system requirements:
  • Requirement 1
  • Requirement 2
  • Requirement 3
  • Requirement 4

Issue Tracker for <project name>

Go to the Open JBI Components Issue Tracker to submit issues. Please choose <project name> as the subcomponent.

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