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Component Toolkit

What is Component Toolkit?

A library for creating JBI components easily and quickly, Component Toolkit is implemented using best practices derived from the development of numerous components. The toolkit is also referred to as "CompTK" for brevity.


Please see the Using Component Toolkit wiki page for technical descriptions of CompTK.


The javadoc for Component Toolkit can be found on the OpenESB website.


Component Toolkit implements the following features:

QoS/Systemic Qualities

  • Component configuration
  • Wire Qualities
    • Redelivery
    • Throttling
  • Logging systemic requirements
    • including sending of alerts during component lifecycle phases
  • Endpoint lifecycle (detailed here)


  • Pool of threads listening on message bus (configurable)
  • ComponentManager
    • Acts as the component and its lifecycle while providing access to various other utilities
  • EndpointManager
    • Helps manage the mapping between JBI ServiceEndpoints and the component-specific endpoint.
  • ServiceUnitManager
  • Various other utilities
    • ComponentConfig
    • AbstractBootstrap
    • MBeanHelper
    • many others...


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