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As a member of the Open ESB community, you are encouraged to contribute many different types of documentation, including user's guides, tutorials, Flash demos, articles, and tips and tricks. You can also provide translations of existing documentation.

If you are writing a binding component user's guide, be sure to include the following information:

Creating a Page
  1. Login to Open ESB Wiki.
  2. Edit any Open ESB Wiki page, adding a link to your new, not yet existent page: [My New Page]
  3. Click the link, My New Page.
    Open ESB Wiki opens the new page for editing.
  • General description
  • Common user scenarios
  • Extensibility elements

If you are writing a service engine user's guide, be sure to include the following information:

  • General description
  • Common user scenarios

Wink is a free tool that you can use to create Flash demos.

Community Docs in Progress

In the Category column, enter one of the following: Guide, Tutorial, Flash Demo, Article, Tips and Tricks.

Date AddedDocument TitleCategoryAuthorStatus

Wish List

Date AddedDocumentRequested By
February 6, 2008Some documentation on how to develop repeatable unit tests using mock services for composite application created in NetBeans along with their execution in different environments outside of NetBeansBenu Gupta


To contact the Open ESB docs team, send us an email or use the Feedback page. We invite you to send comments on existing documentation, ask us to review something that you have written, or even just get feedback on an idea.

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