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How to Contribute back to the project

  • Building The Code
    • All of our projects can be built in the same manner. You will need to have maven installed (version 2.0.6 or higher) to build the code. To build the code, issue the following command under trunk:
      • mvn clean install
    • To build the code skipping unit tests issue the following command:
      • mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  • Contributing a Patch
    • Contributing a patch is fairly simple and straigt forward, but can be a little trick if you haven't done it before. The easiest approach is to use the command line. If you are on a windows environment you can use cygwin to handle this for you.
      • To create a patch for a single class you simply navigate to that class in a command window and issue the following command:
        • svn diff changedfilename > /path/to/patchfile.patch
      • If you have several modificatons you can diff the entire package by navigating to the package and issue the following command:
        • svn diff > /path/to/patchfile.patch

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