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Create an application configuration for the specified component.
OperandOperand DescriptionRequired
(name=value)[,name=value]* | filepath Contains name=value pairs separated by a comma, or a name of a file that contains the name=value pairs for the application configuration values that will be created. (i.e. properties file). If the operand contains spaces, the operand must be in cased within double quotes.Yes

OptionValueOption DescriptionRequired Option
--echo | -e true | false If true the command specified on the command line will be echoed to system output. No
--interactive| -I true | false If set to true (default), only the required password options are prompted. No
--terse | -t true | false If true, the output will be reduced to the minimal amount. No
--port | -p port number The HTTP/S port for administration. Default port for PE: 4848, default port for EE: 4849 No
--secure | -s true | false If set to true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the domain administration server. No
--host | -H localhost The machine name where the JBI application is running. The default value is localhost. No
--user | -u admin user The authorized domain administration server administrative username. Yes
--passwordfile filename The name of a file containing the password entries. Yes
--component component name Will create the application configuration for this component.Yes
--target target name | 'server' The name of the target to install the component on. See Target Option Behavior for more information. No
--configname Configuration Name The name of the application configuration to be created.Yes
--help-Displays the help text for the command.No


Example 1:

create-jbi-application-configuration --component=cli-config-binding --configname=testConfig
Command create-jbi-application-configuration executed successfully.

Example 2:

create-jbi-application-configuration --component=cli-config-binding --configname=testConfig2 configurationName=testConfig2,name1=value1,name2=value2
Command create-jbi-application-configuration executed successfully.

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