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Creating a BPEL Module Project For Table Type Operations

A table represents a database table. It consists of fields and methods. This allows you to perform query, update, insert, and delete SQL operations in a table.

  • Fields correspond to the columns of a table
  • Methods are the operations that you can apply

Create a BPEL Module project with a name BpelModuleSample. TCBPELMPDB

To Create a BPEL Module Project

  1. Choose File —> New Project from the main menu.
    This opens the New Project wizard.
  2. Select the SOA node from the Categories list.
  3. Select the BPEL Module node from the Projects list.
    Image shows ...
  4. Click Next.
  5. Type the Project Name in the Project Name field.
    For example, BpelModuleSample
  6. Click Browse to navigate to the project location field.
    The IDE stores the project files. This step is optional.
    Image shows ...
  7. Click Finish.
    The Projects window now contains a project node for a BPEL Module project.
    For example, BpelModuleSample.
    Image shows ...
  8. Click Save All.


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