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Creating a BPEL Module Project : SendInventory

You will learn to create a BPEL Module Project. This example demonstrates creating a BPEL Module named SendInventory.

To Create a BPEL Module Project

1    Choose File —> New Project from the main menu.
       This opens the New Project wizard.
2    Select the SOA node from the Categories list.
3    Select the BPEL Module node, from the Projects list.

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4    Click Next.
5    Type the Project Name in the Project Name field.
       For example, SendInventory
6    Click Browse to navigate to the project location field.
      The IDE stores the project files. This step is optional.

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7    Click Finish.
      The Projects window now contains a project node for a BPEL Module project.
       For example, SendInventory
8    Click Save All.

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