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Creating a BPEL Module Project Using Procedures

A Procedure represents a database stored procedure. Fields correspond to the arguments of a stored procedure while methods are the operations that you can apply. It allows you to execute a stored procedure.

Note - Select a Procedure from the list and add the stored procedure to the Selected Stored Procedures console.

For procedure, see the following links:
1    Creating a WSDL Document For Type DATABASE.
       a    Select Type — Procedures

Image shows ...

       b    Click Next.
       c    Select the URL from the drop-down list.
       d    Select a Stored Procedure and click Add to move the selected Stored Procedure to the Selected Stored Procedure panel.

Image shows ...

       e    Click Next.
       f     Enter JNDI Name.
       g    Click Finish.

2    Creating a WSDL Document For Type SOAP.
3    Creating a BPEL Process.
4    Validating BPEL.
5    Design View - Notifications.
6    Creating the Composite Application Project.
7    Deploying and Testing the Composite Application.

Watch a Demo

Build a Sample Project Using Stored Procedure Database WSDL

Creating a BPEL Module Project Using SQL File

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