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Creating a BPEL Module Project Using SQL File

This is the script that contains the data definition statements for the MySQL database. The file filter for the file open dialog window defaults to *.sql so you should only be able to view files with the .sql extension.

For procedure, see the following links:

1    Creating a WSDL Document For Type DATABASE.
       a    Create a .sql file using Notepad.
       b    Save the file in a folder location.

Image shows ...

       c    Choose Type — SQL File.

Image shows ...

       d    Click Browse to select the saved .sql file.

Image shows ...

The selected file is displayed as shown in the Figure.

Image shows ...

       e    Click Discover Parameters to view types for the parameters.
        f    Click Discover Resultset to discover the Resultset types.

Image shows ...

       g    Click Next.
       h    Enter JNDI Name.
        i    Click Finish.

2    Creating a WSDL Document For Type SOAP.
3    Creating a BPEL Process.
4    Validating BPEL.
5    Design View - Notifications.
6    Creating the Composite Application Project.
7    Deploying and Testing the Composite Application.

Watch a Demo

Build a Sample Project Using a SQL File for Database WSDL

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