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Cross Product Features

1. Introduction
   1.1. Project/Component Working Name:

	Cross Product Features for JBI Binding Components

   1.2. Name of Document Author/Supplier:

	Alexander Fung:

   1.3. Date of This Document:

	28th March 2007

2. Project Summary
   2.1. Project Description:

	This project intends to provide a set of cross product features for JBI
	Binding Components.  JBI Binding Components often face a similar set of
	problems regarding security, integration with third-party components,
	and general systemic qualities.  This project seeks to capture these
	problems and formulate a common solution for use by all JBI Binding

   2.2. Risks and Assumptions:

	The success of this product relies somewhat on the adoption of these
	techniques by other Binding Components.  We will need to work well
	with developers of other Binding Components so that they can
	incorporate these ideas into their code.

3. Business Summary
   3.1. Problem Area:

	There are several key problems we want to address through this project.
	They include (but are not limited) to the following:
	1. Security Context propagation.  We must define how we handle security
	contexts that are passed from one JBI Component to another.  There must
	be some semantic understanding of what to do with security contexts.

	2. Integration with software and hardware products.  We need to solve
	how JBI Binding Components might leverage third-party software and
	hardware products. 

	3. Systemic qualities.  Each Binding Component has to deal with a core
	set of qualities such as performance, reliability, and administration.
	This project will seek to provide guidelines on measuring these qualities.

   3.2. Market/Requester:

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