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Deploying the Composite Application

File Binding Component is used to pick messages from a local directory.

FTP Binding Component is used to transport messages between the consumer and the provider using FTP.

To Deploy the Composite Application

1    Create a folder and save the file in the local directory.
       For example, c:/temp and inventory%d.xml
       In the current example, folder is c:/temp and the file is inventory%d.xml

Image shows ...

2    Create a folder on the FTP Server.
       For example, book_updates
       The folder is empty before deployment.

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3    Select the project node in the Projects window.
       For example, SendInventoryCompAppl
4    Right-click and choose Deploy.

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       After deployment of the project, the following message is displayed in the Output window:

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 18 seconds)

5    Check for the folder in the local directory.
       Two folders are created under SendInventoryCompAppl_FileInboundService_fileTrig-45609436–4:
       a    archive
       b    filebc-in processing

Image shows ...

6    Check the folders on the FTP Server
       After deployment, inbox and instage folders are created

Image shows ...

7    Double-click the folder /inbox to check the output.
       The message routing starts with the consumer invoking a service (INVOKE in BPEL script).
       On the other side of the NMR, FTP BC OutboundProcessor accepts the request message.
       De-normalizes the message and labels the message body (which is the payload to a FTP file) with name as req.

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