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Design View : Notifications

The user is notified about validation errors or success in the Output window, in the Design view, and in the Navigator.

The Design View

The Design view shows the results of both real-time and explicit validation in callout windows on the diagram and the error stripe.

In the illustration,

Note - A red cross next to an element on the diagram means that the element has not passed validation and the output contains errors.
            A yellow triangle with an exclamation mark means that the element has not passed validation and the output contains warnings.
            A red cross in the Design view means there are both errors and warnings.

If you click the cross or the triangle, a callout window appears with a list of errors and/or warnings.

Image shows ...

The callout window includes messages related to validation in accordance with all the criteria listed above. Messages related to the real-time validation are constantly updated.

In the Design view, validation results are also shown by the error stripe, which is a strip to the right of the scroll bar that contains red marks if some elements have not passed validation. The error stripe represents the entire diagram, not just the portion that is currently displayed. You can immediately see if the BPEL process contains errors without having to scroll through the entire diagram. You can click a red mark to jump to the element that causes problems. If no errors are detected, the small square in the error stripe is green.

Image shows ...


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