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The Open ESB Doc Community Wiki is the information center for JBI component developers and users. This wiki contains community-contributed documentation that will help you install, use and develop your Open ESB Components. In addition, the wiki includes documentation for GlassFish ESB, a binary distribution that contains many Open ESB components, all ready for you to install.


Getting Started

Open ESB Introduction Screencast An overview and description of OpenESB and JBI. This screencast walks through the example which is developed in the Open ESB Introduction Tutorial.
Open ESB Introduction Tutorial How to build a simple Open ESB composite application with BPEL and Java EE Services, as well as WebService and JMS Bindings.

Component and Engine Details

Introduction to Open ESB: Describes the project goals, plans, and architecture of Open ESB.
Introduction to JBI: Includes an overview of JBI, as well as articles and books on the subject.
JBI JSR208 Javadocs: Java Business Integration API and SPI specifications.
OJC Component-Common Javadocs: Javadoc, code examples, and useful links related to ojc-core's component-common libraries: Common Util, QoS, and Component Toolkit.
JBI Component Developer's Home Starting point for JBI component developers.
Developing JBI Components: The steps and artifacts involved in the development lifecycle of JBI Components
JBI Conventions: The conventions to follow when developing JBI components.
About JBI Components: An overview of Open JBI component development.
One page descriptions (Open ESB Next): Basic descriptions of Open ESB components.
About JBI Components
Open ESB Components
JBI Components Developer Page
Adapter Development Process
Common BC Architecture and Design
Systemic Qualities Introduction
Systemic Qualities Introduction
Systemic Qualities - Logging
Systemic Qualities - Password Handling
Systemic Qualities - Redelivery

Component Documentation

Logic and Orchestration

BPEL SE A WS-BPEL 2.0 compliant engine that provides business process orchestration capabilities.
Camel SE Apache Camel is a Spring based Integration Framework which implements the Enterprise Integration Patterns with powerful Bean Integration.
IEP SE An engine for Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP) Event-Driven Architectures, EDA Logic and orchestration.
Java EE SE Makes the whole EE environment available as a JBI component so that EJBs can communicate with other JBI components through the NMR and vice versa.
POJO SE Allows business logic written in Java to be deployed in a JBI component so that it can be invoked from other JBI components and vice versa.
Scripting SE Used to write business logic in a scripting language and deploy it into the ESB.
WLM SE The Worklist Manager is a JBI based engine providing task management and human intervention in a business process.

Basic Interfacing

eMail BC A BC for sending and receiving emails.
File BC Polls for files on the file system, and provides for writing files to the file system.
FTP BC Polls for files on an FTP server, and provides for uploading files to an FTP server.
HTTP BC A JBI component for sending and receiving messages over HTTP interfacing.
JMS BC Receives messages from and sends messages to a remote service through JMS.
JMSJCA A JCA Resource Adapter for accessing JMS Providers from EE or Java programs.
Notification SE Supports WS-Notification. This will provide subscription management and notification publishing/filtering support for both Web Service clients and endpoints and JBI components.
Scheduler BC A programmable timer to invoke services periodically.

Databases and Data Manipulation

Database BC - Reads messages from and writes messages to a database over JDBC.
Data Integrator / ETL SE - Performs extract - transform - load to build DataWarehouses, or can be used for Data Migration.
Data Mashup - Provides a single view of data from heterogeneous sources, including static web pages and tabular data exposed as web services. Provides options to join/aggregate/clean data, and generate a response in a WebRowSet schema.
Encoding SE - A service engine for message transformation.
Mural - Master Data Management (MDM).
XSLT SE - An engine for applying XSLT transformations with basic orchestration capabilities.

Other Interfaces

Asterisk BC - This interfaces with Asterisk, an open source telephony software product that runs on a x86-compatible server, and does voice over IP (VoIP).
Exec BC - Invoke commands (such as various executables or shell commands) from JBI service units. Can also be usd to poll data by repetitively invoking certain commands (such as "vmstat", "iostat", and so on). The Exec BC can invoke commands either locally or remotely.
HL7 BC - Supports the HL7 protocol.
LDAP BC - Reads messages from and writes messages to an LDAP server.
RSS BC - Reads messages from and writes messages over RSS.
SIP BC - Integrates media capabilities from communications networks using the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol).
SNMP BC - An SNMP manager: receives SNMP packets and feeds them into the ESB.
TCPIP BC - Generic adapter for TCP/IP.
UDDI BC - Looks up services using the UDDI protocol.
XMPP BC - Exchanges messages using the XMPP protocol (Jabber protocol).

EIS Interfaces

Jbi4Cics (CICS BC) - Maps a CICS ECI service as an internal JBI endpoint by deploying a service unit containing the CICS ECI service's copy cobol. No coding is required.
CORBA BC - Maps a CORBA service as an internal JBI endpoint by deploying a service unit containing the IDL defining the CORBA service. No coding is required.
DCOM BC - Interfaces with services that are accessed using Microsoft's DCOM protocol.
EJB BC - Allows to map a Stateless Session EJB as an internal JBI endpoint. This is simply done by deploying a service unit with the WSDL defining the EJB interface and the configuration that allows to access it, so no coding is required. The EJB is not modified nor moved from the container where they are deployed: it's the component that directly can connect to them and act as the "bridge" between the J2EE container and the ESB.
IMS BC - Provides access to IBM's IMS database.
MSMQ BC - Interfaces with Microsoft's MSMQ message server.
MQSeries BC - Interfaces with IBM's MQSeries.
Screen Scraping SE - Provides access to Mainframe applications using the IBM Telnet 3270 protocol. Provides a scripted environment to read and manipulate input screens.
SWIFT BC - Support of the SWIFT protocol.
SAP BC - Interfaces with SAP.

Other Domains

X3D SE - A Visualization Service Bus that makes complex visualizations realizable without intensive graphics programming (without writing code at all). Integrates XML technologies, Extensible 3D (X3D) and an (ESB), which allows users to integrate data and develop user defined visualizations together.

No Longer Maintained

ADABAS Natural BC - Provides access to ADABAS Natural.
AOSD - Aspect orientation for mashups. To be replaced by Fuji interceptors.
Aspect SE - Different aspects in a service engine. To be replaced by Fuji interceptors.
SMTP BC - Replaced by the eMail BC.
JavaScript SE - In need of an owner.
JDBC BC - Replaced by the Database BC.
SQL SE - Replaced by the Database BC.

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