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What Is ESB Console About

The ESB Console is a high performance, secure, customizable and pluggable web based management and monitoring tool which provides a convenient, user friendly way to centrally monitor, manage, and administer all the components of various instances of Open ESB both in standalone and clustered environments. In addition it enables monitoring various design and runtime aspects of these components and manages their lifecycle. It is currently a work in progress, and will continue to evolve going forward.

Why ESB Console Is So Cool

The core value of the ESB console is the underlying framework. The key features of the framework are:

  • Seamless module pluggability
  • Multi-level customization
  • Technology independence
  • High performance
  • Asynchronous module communication
  • Security delegation mechanism
  • Role based module accessibility
  • User friendly GUI
  • Built-in GUI widget library for module developers
  • OSGI module integration
  • Supports Glass Fish V3 admin console pluggability

Governance and Licensing

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