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An EntityType defines the type of component that you want to customize. Valid Entity Types are listed in the following table:

Entity Type Value Description Image
DOMAINS domains Customize the Domains entity
DOMAIN domain Customizes domain entities (e.g., hostName@port entities)
SERVICE_ENGINES ServiceEngines Customizes all Service Engines entities
SERVICE_ENGINE service-engine Customizes the named service engine entities
BINDING_COMPONENTS BindingComponents Customizes all Binding Components entities
BINDING_COMPONENT binding-component Customizes the named binding component entities
SHARED_LIBRARIES SharedLibraries Customizes all Shared Libraries entities
SHARED_LIBRARY shared-library Customizes the named shared library entities
SERVICE_ASSEMBLIES ServiceAssemblies Customizes all Service Assemblies entities
SERVICE_ASSEMBLY service-assembly Customizes the named service assembly entities
SERVICE_UNITS ServiceUnits Customizes all Service Units entities
SERVICE_UNIT service-unit Customizes the named service unit entities
ENDPOINTS Endpoints Customizes all Endpoints entities
PROVISIONING_ENDPOINTS ProvisioningEndpoints Customizes all Provisioning Endpoints entities
PROVISIONING_ENDPOINT provisioning-endpoint Customizes the named provisioning endpoint entities
CONSUMING_ENDPOINTS ConsumingEndpoints Customizes all Consuming Endpoints entities
CONSUMING_ENDPOINT consuming-endpoint Customizes the named consuming endpoint entities
JAVAEE_CONTAINER JavaEE Customizes all Java EE entities
JAVA_MESSAGE_SERVERS JavaMessageServers Customizes all Java Message Servers entities
JMS_SERVER_JAVA_MQ JavaMQ Customizes all Java Message Queue entities
JMS_SERVER_IQ_MANAGER IQManager Customizes all Java IQManager entities
JMS_SERVER_TOPICS Topics Customizes all Topics entities
JMS_SERVER_TOPIC topic Customizes all named topic entities
JMS_SERVER_QUEUES Queues Customizes all Queues entities
JMS_SERVER_QUEUE queue Customizes all named queue entities
JAVAEE_COMPOSITE_APPLICATIONS JavaEECompositeApplications Customizes all JavaEE Composite Applications entities
JAVAEE_COMPOSITE_APPLICATION JavaEE-composite-application Customizes all named Java EE Composite Application entities
USER_DEFINED UserDefined Customizes all user defined entities

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