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Using the FTP Binding Component


FTP Binding Component — Overview

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Binding Component (BC) (referred as FTP BC) is a binding component implementation that complies with JBI Specification 1.0.

The FTP Binding Component is a JSR-208 compliant JBI runtime component that provides inbound and outbound JBI messaging using the FTP protocol as specified in RFC 959.

The Binding Components are used to send and receive messages using specific protocols and transports. The components provide normalization and de-normalization to isolate the JBI environment from the particular protocol-specific formats. These allow the JBI environment to deal only with normalized messages.

Note -
Protocol-specific metadata can be attached to a normalized message, or the message exchange, in their metadata, allowing protocol-specific information to be conveyed to a Service Engine (SE) or Binding Component (BC) in a manner that is opaque to other JBI environment components.

The Binding Components provide a message transportation using the FTP protocol and also helps to define services (which comprise operations) using WSDL. Later the components bind them to FTP as the underlying message transportation protocol. These also assists binding other components in a JBI environment (for example, an SE can orchestrate the services consumption and provision).

The FTP Binding Component implements all required Binding Component interfaces using JBI specification to facilitate deployment and execution in any JBI compliant target environment.

The implementation has a design-time component to facilitate the process of service definition and binding.

A NetBeans module also makes WSDL authoring and FTP binding a convenient process in the NetBeans IDE.

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Using the FTP Binding Component
Supporting Features in the FTP Binding Component

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