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FTP Binding Component Runtime Configuration Properties

The sun-ftp-binding JBI Binding Component Runtime Configuration properties is as shown.

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Table 1 sun-ftp-binding Properties

Property Description
General General Properties of this object.
Description Description of the JBI Component.
Name Name of the JBI Component.
State State of the JBI Component.
Type Type of the JBI Component.
IdentificationIdentification Properties of this object.
Build Number JBI Component build number.
Version JBI component version.
ConfigurationConfiguration Properties of this object.
Number of Outbound Threads Maximum number of threads to process outgoing FTP client invocations concurrently.
Any integer number between 1 and 2147483647 is allowed.
Time out for Invoke Timeout for a synchronous invoke in milliseconds.
* Minimum – 100 milliseconds
* Maximum – 2145483647 milliseconds
The default value in milliseconds is 1,000,000.
Use Passive FTP Indicates if passive FTP is enabled.
Use Proxy Indicates if proxy is enabled.
Proxy URL URL for the proxy.
Proxy User ID A valid proxy user ID.
Proxy User Password A valid proxy user password.
Connection Pool Minimum Size Minimum number of connection in the pool.
Connection Pool Maximum Size Maximum number of connection in the pool.
Enable NM Properties Indicates if component specific normalized message properties are enabled.
Max Idle Timeout for Pooled Connections Max Idle Timeout for connections in the pool in milliseconds (> 1000).
Application Configuration Application configuration allows users to define the named group of the configuration parameters specific to a JBI component.
It helps an endpoint to reference these parameters and complete the binding.
Click ellipses (...) to Add the Application Configuration.
Application Variables They are categorized into the following types:
Click ellipses (...) to Add the Application Variables.

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