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How to use Application Variables in File BC

Application Variables can be used to provide run-time values for properties defined in the WSDL.

To Use Application Variables

  1. Use variable references in WSDL
  2. Define variable values in BC run-time properties
  3. Deploy application Service Assembly

Use variable references in WSDL

fileName references variable "outFileName"

Fig. 1

fileDirectory references a variable "dir"

Fig. 2

Note that this feature does not apply to boolean type properties such as fileNameIsPattern, multipleRecordsPerFile, archive, etc.

Define Application Variable values in BC run-time properties

Fig. 3

Run-time values for variables "outFileName" and "dir"

Fig. 4

Deploy application Service Assembly

Now when the application is deployed, input file should be picked from the "c:\Temp\myDir" and the output file generated should be named "myOut.xml".

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