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Re-Delivery in File BC

If ERROR status is returned for an Inbound message sent by File BC, the BC will attempt to re-deliver the message, based on Redelivery QoS settings. A message could have ERROR status for example if BPEL SE encounters a problem while processing the message.

For details on Common Error Handling strategy refer to: Systemic Qualities page for Error Strategy

Redelivery is configured in CASA as shown below:



Redelivery settings

  1. Max Attempts: No. of times redelivery will be attempted
  2. Wait Time: Time between redelivery attempts (in milliseconds)
  3. On Failure: Specifies what should be done when Max Attempts have been exhausted (and message still returned ERROR). File BC supports following options:
    1. Error: Input file is moved to error. Refer to Error Handling section
    2. Suspend: Corresponding endpoint will be suspended (i.e. it would not process any more files). And the input file will be move to error as above.

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