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FileBC Endpoints statistics and monitoring Management

Endpoints statistics

Endpoints statistics feature provides FileBC's statistics data for endpoints including active consuming endpoints, provisioning endpoints, the requests/response these endpoints sent/received etc.

How to test FileBC endpoint statistic feature:

  1. Start GF admon console.
  2. Deploy SAs which contains FileBC SU.
  3. Send message to fileBC inbound
  4. Traverse to file-bc-binding monitoring tap which provide endpoints statistics and endpoint status. See snapshot below.

Peformance Measurement

FileBC's performance measurements are always set to "on". The supported categories for performance measurements are "Normalization" and "Denormalization". The performance measurement data is returned as a

How to test FileBC performance measurement feature:

  1. Install FileBC installer jar and start it.
  2. Deploy an SA which contains FileBC SU.
  3. Start jconsole from JDK1.5&above, connect jconsole to jmx server by entering url: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://jyan-tecra5:8686/jmxrmi:
In jconsole, go to MBeans tap and traverse to filebc statistic MBean object. This picture shows the MBeans tree structure and its attributes.
FileBC statistic MBean operations.
Select operation "getPerformanceInstrumentationMeasurement" with parameter as one of the active endpoint which just did message normalization. jConsole will show the results as:

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